mesh fence


China New Year is apporaching!

China New Year is apporaching,it seems no any client note this,they are still talking the price and the order.Yesterday evening,one client called me ,new order of welded gabion & mesh fence was confirmed,please send P/I to us tomorrow.This means I will be busy during New Year holiday,but it's Ok,thank you for your this New Year gift.

Thank my client,thank my company!!


What I get after so long time?

I have worked on the mesh fence sales for about 7years,what did I get?Money?Knowledge?Friendship?Or company acknowledge?Actually,I don't have much money,i get one happy family,and one lovely daughter.Also I got much thing of mesh fence,especially on the gabion thing,color bond fence things.

Since 2012,I will try my best to work towards the money.HAHA