mesh fence


Temporary Mesh Fence variety

There is different Tem mesh fence for different market.
 Frame pipe shape:round
 Frame size:2.1X2.5M and 2.1X2.4M
Mesh Opening:60X60mm,75X75mm,60X150mm
Zinc-coating:heavy galvanzing

Europe Marketing:
Mesh opening prefer:75X75mm,and dia:2.7-3.5mm,frame size:2X3.5M,due to the less quantity,only few mesh fence order is available.

Canada Marketing:
Pipe Shape:square
Frame Size:?
Canada tem fence marketing is changing,no any fixed size,and very low demand.
Before we enter the marketing,necessary knowledge will help us a lot.Hope the above information will help someboday get many mesh fence containers.


163 persons in contact list

Occasionlly I checking the contact list of the big mesh fence client,god bless me,163 persons.Until now,i can understand when i was talking with him,why always wait long for reply.
How it is going when 163 persons sending message to him,I am one of them.We are competing for one order.Can i get that?The chance is more far from me.
Do all your best,then wait and see-my big mesh fence order.


When will you come my mesh fence client?

I talked with the UAE client yesterday.he asked if i have web camera.Of course,but I think it's better we can meet and talk in person.Too many question with the big project,we need to confirm one by one.Your fence will be used in desert,it's not necessary to purchase the hot-dipped galvanizing mesh fence,do you really consider this?

Now we are waitting for your further information about your trip.Hope we can sit down and talk everything in details.This is the best way for both of us.Order will bring benefit to you and us?We love you-big mesh fence order of USD60,0000.00


Could I get this big mesh fence project?

I got a inquiry before 2012 coming,I didn't think it was ours because of the quantity .
Client said it was for 132KM project,he offed us a CAD drawing,but no all the detailed request.When we asked for it,he only need  propose from us.Is the project true??

New Year holiday was coming soon,and I enjoyed my family time well.Occasionlly,I login in my skype,he said hello,and he would visit us in Feb.God Bless me,I can get this big galvanzied mesh fence project to make my life better?

Let see what will happen?