mesh fence


Order is not so easy

The big order of 93Km fence is a litte far from me,it's out of our control.
Client request new quotation,and change many size with better material,in this way,the new price will be double higher than the previous one.I don't know so higher request,mesh fence diameter is 3.76mm,with line post 60mm,the best we can do is USD13.4/M,but their target price is only USD8.9/M.13.4-8.9=4.5USD,see this big difference.This means if we accept this price,how much loss we will get.But if say no,order will leave us.What can I do?How can I do to change this embassring situation?
UAE mes fence client tell me something?I am lost in this totally!


Mesh Fence order is out of control

Occasionally,I contact one Australia client,he asked quotation and some details.When boss and colleague went to Australia mesh fence trade show,we invited him there.This chance helped us a lot,and confirmed the sample size.However,no any information got after that.One Skype information came in last Dec,quotation offered again.they would like to place order.Worked stopped cause of China New year,and I send -email to them when I was back to work.Quotation and negotation continues.I hope we can get  this mesh fence order,so best price offered.They thought our price is high,further discount is possible.We disagreed,then everything is gone.They placed order to another factory.
What should I do now???/