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Daughter Hurt(4)

I though all the past days,and looked at my daughter,I can't wait any further days,I hope the recovery is tomorrow.I give up all the mesh fence order work,and did something.This time I didn't discuss anything with her father ,and took her to my hometown.

Mother-in-law said she knew one clinic,it's famous locally,we can go there.
Daughter cried loudly,me too,I don't think anyone could understand me at that moment.But this trip was worth.We can see the change in two days,better and better.
15days past,we can wash the hurt part.20days past,she can try to walk by herself.
30days past.she can walk well......
Thanks god,all the bad time finishes,and I will take care of her in


Daughter hurt(3)

Kids should be fast,but not for all of the situation.Nothing better after 13days,I didn't knoq what should I do.One day I sat down in office as usually,one local mesh fence client visited me,we talked my daughter issue,he said we have delayed the recovery,I need to get more information on the internet and tried some private clinic.I thought over all of his words,and took action.
My husband and Me took her to a old lay's clinic,she removed all the medicine ,the hurt part was serious with 2+------3 degree burns,I only could try on it,but no any promise .
I talked with husband,we should try another bigger hospital or more professional clinic,the lady can't have any test on my daughter,but he said we should give the lady one chance,maybe she could do it.
Actually daughter was hurt when i was with her,so my family complained me many times,even I can't decide anything on this matter.same this time......
Once,twice visit,.....another 10days past,we put all the hope on the lady,she said everything was better and better.No.12 days,we visited the lady again,daughter cried loudly as before,we know she suffered a lot,we hope this is the last treatment .Old lady wash the foot by some water medicine,maybe this is the last treatment,this depend on another visit after 2days.....I cried .....


Daughter hurt(2)

Mobile Phone rang my favouriate song,and I knew the America client asked for the container situation of the tem mesh fence and the crowd control barricade,when he heard the thing of my daughter ,he ask if any suggestion put false skin from doctor,we said No,doctor said the recovery will be soon,we will stay in hospital for sometime,and I will call my colleague on the fence order issue.
My dear daughter was so cute,she took care of her hurt foot ,let us help her get anything she need.When some one asked the hurt foot,she will explained what happend.
10 days past we didn't see as the doctor promise,my husband said:be patient,maybe we can see soemthing in another three days.Kids are fast.
Is it true?


Daughter hurt(1)

Long time not to update my blog,mesh fence business was stopped .i don't know how our family suffered those days in hospital.
One Match Sunday noon,monther-in-law is cooking for family,I was with my little daugher(10months old).Some one knocked our door,we opend the door,and found the neighbour daughter (we call her Dolly here)who is 3 years old.The age was important in the day.My daugher played with D,she enjoyed much,and showed D her toys.I walked to mother-in-law,asked if she need my help,with the answer of NO,I walked towarder the girls.Half on the way,my daugher cried:Mum Mum....,I run into the room,hot water runs,she was in the bed cryting.She is pointing at her foot,i tried to take off her socksdirectly(this is my first mistake),daugher was crying loudly.I realized the problem is serious,i called husband,we should go the hospital ASAP.
Taxi came,we went to the hospital,doctor said please rest assured,the recovery will be in half a month,we believe this(this is my second mistake)