mesh fence


CanI trust this client(2)

2012 came ,we received new inquiry from this client.Wire Fence order was placed soon once the quotation sent.However,casue too many order during Jan and Feb,2012,we couldn't finish the order as they expected.Luckily,all the shipment done before No.110 canton fair,and we met and discussed future copperation at the canton fair.Everyting seems going smoothly.
But we didn't get the balance payment until the container arrived,the reason  from them is bad Euro rate ,and they didn't arrange our payment that month,they need time,and hope we can released the container.We knew it risked with releasing,but we can't do nothing,we can't put the container at the port.
Client signed payment guarantee,promiedto make payment at the end of June.No momeny at the end of June,I asked when it was available.They replied"we would try our best and inform you by the final week".But same reply got now.
Can I trust you with eating promise again and again?
Wire Fence business is hard,we need money to do the turnover.