mesh fence


Daughter hurt(1)

Long time not to update my blog,mesh fence business was stopped .i don't know how our family suffered those days in hospital.
One Match Sunday noon,monther-in-law is cooking for family,I was with my little daugher(10months old).Some one knocked our door,we opend the door,and found the neighbour daughter (we call her Dolly here)who is 3 years old.The age was important in the day.My daugher played with D,she enjoyed much,and showed D her toys.I walked to mother-in-law,asked if she need my help,with the answer of NO,I walked towarder the girls.Half on the way,my daugher cried:Mum Mum....,I run into the room,hot water runs,she was in the bed cryting.She is pointing at her foot,i tried to take off her socksdirectly(this is my first mistake),daugher was crying loudly.I realized the problem is serious,i called husband,we should go the hospital ASAP.
Taxi came,we went to the hospital,doctor said please rest assured,the recovery will be in half a month,we believe this(this is my second mistake)