mesh fence


Daughter hurt(3)

Kids should be fast,but not for all of the situation.Nothing better after 13days,I didn't knoq what should I do.One day I sat down in office as usually,one local mesh fence client visited me,we talked my daughter issue,he said we have delayed the recovery,I need to get more information on the internet and tried some private clinic.I thought over all of his words,and took action.
My husband and Me took her to a old lay's clinic,she removed all the medicine ,the hurt part was serious with 2+------3 degree burns,I only could try on it,but no any promise .
I talked with husband,we should try another bigger hospital or more professional clinic,the lady can't have any test on my daughter,but he said we should give the lady one chance,maybe she could do it.
Actually daughter was hurt when i was with her,so my family complained me many times,even I can't decide anything on this matter.same this time......
Once,twice visit,.....another 10days past,we put all the hope on the lady,she said everything was better and better.No.12 days,we visited the lady again,daughter cried loudly as before,we know she suffered a lot,we hope this is the last treatment .Old lady wash the foot by some water medicine,maybe this is the last treatment,this depend on another visit after 2days.....I cried .....